Meet the Team


Andy Trevor – Managing Director

Founder 2005

As the founder of Cutter, Andy is the driving force behind the Group. With his visionary approach to the transformative powers of technology, Andy has led Cutter to become a world leading solution provider with a reputation for innovation and excellence. Away from Cutter, Andy enjoys golf, cricket, travel and indulging his love of Italian sports cars.


Kim Mount – Technical Director

Joined 2009

Kim is Cutter’s technical guru. A recognised technology expert, Kim is at the heart of Cutter’s technology strategy as the master of marrying technologies with business needs. He leads the Group’s architectural activities and is the arbiter of technical excellence for the organisation. Kim is a dedicated family man who enjoys learning in all its forms.


Mike Trevor – Alliances Director

Joined 2010

Mike is passionate about the way technology can change organisations and evolve working practices. He looks after strategic partnerships for Cutter around the globe, as well as managing HR, governance and marketing for the Group. Mike enjoys karate, travel, cooking and wine and is a horseman and confirmed cat obsessive.



Headed by Kim Mount, Cutter’s team of Solutions Architects are the creative minds behind Cutter’s solutions and services. With a deep understanding of the Group’s range of technologies and a business-focussed approach to creating innovative solutions, Cutter’s solutions Architects have built an enviable reputation with both customers and partners. Our Architects lead our technology implementations ensuring our solutions offer the optimum experience and performance, as well as ensuring solutions evolve alongside the needs of our customers.

James King – Solutions Architect

Joined 2014

Alongside the ubiquitous console gaming interest, James likes to socialise with friends in the pub and also enjoys board games and cards. At home, he likes to cook and enjoys DIY and decorating. When not working on his home, James likes go-karting, watching cricket and is Cutter’s official gin aficionado.


Attila Hartmann – Solutions Architect

Joined 2015

Attila enjoys exercising outdoors (a benefit of living in Cyprus), either at the beach or in the hills on his bike. He also loves to travel and is a connoisseur of international whiskeys. On the home front, Attila enjoys gaming and DIY.



Cutter’s Engineering & Support team, led by Chris Barker, is the engine room of our organisation. A highly skilled and dedicated team located across the UK and Cyprus, our engineers provide first class service to both customers and partners. All our engineers are multi-disciplined experts with a passion for technology and a commitment to supporting solutions across our customer base. All our engineers work as a tight-knit team ensuring we are able to deliver a consistent, world-beating level of support and service.

Chris Barker – Support Manager

Joined 2013

An evangelist for service delivery, Chris is responsible for overseeing Cutter’s support operations. He manages the engineering team across the UK and Cyprus and is committed to delivering the best service possible to Cutter’s customers and partners. Chris enjoys hiking, photography, woodwork and the joys of parenthood.


Steven Jones – Senior Systems Engineer

Joined 2008

Steven enjoys walking with his dog in the hills near his home, with occasional stop-offs at country pubs. He likes good wine and good food, enjoyed with friends. One of Cutter’s many guitarists, Steven is a music aficionado who enjoys seeing live music and is a frequent visitor to city-based music festivals.


Connah Dawson – Senior Systems Engineer

Joined 2015

Connah enjoys playing football regularly, as well as a range of other sports. Like many passionate technologists he also likes gaming, and participates in airsoft events. Connah has very strong opinions on the definitions of “tea” and “dinner”.


Andreas Andreou – Systems Engineer

Joined 2015

Andreas is a keen traveller who enjoys exploring different cultures. He is a dedicated family man who likes gaming when he has the chance, and is also a master at BBQ cooking. Andreas enjoys pool and plays in local tournaments. Most definitely not a hustler.


Marios Petrou – Systems Engineer

Joined 2018

Marios is one of Cutter’s leading gastronauts, and an accomplished cook himself. Marios also enjoys watching MMA, F1 and football. He also likes to indulge his curiosity about the world, learning about virtually any subject. Marios is a great animal lover and is the dedicated servant to an array of feline overlords.


Nikolas Petrou – Support Coordinator

Joined 2019

Nikolas can often be found in the gym or out running. When not exercising Nikolas enjoys gaming . He also enjoys travel and exploring different cuisines and is currently learning Italian. Nikolas has an abiding dislike of tomatoes.


Elena Racheva – Systems Engineer

Joined 2019

Leny is model of practicality and creativity. A confirmed petrol-head, she enjoys buying, repairing and selling specialist cars, and extends this ethos into the upcycling of a variety of things. Leny enjoys woodworking and creates pieces using a CNC machine. To complete the skillset, she also enjoys growing her own tomatoes!


Ahmad Asghar – Systems Engineer

Joined 2020

Ahmad is usually found in one of two seats – either gaming at his computer, or enjoying scenic drives from his car. Ahmad has a keen interest in watching football and Formula 1, and runs Cutter’s Fantasy Leagues. Controversially, Ahmad is a strong advocator for pineapples on pizza.


Matt White – Systems Engineer

Joined 2021

Matt has a keen interest in gaming and especially VR. He also has a passion for music and enjoys discovering new artists and genres, although he doesn’t not count himself among Cutter musicians. A former motorcyclist, Matt hopes to return to the saddle in the near future.


Joseph Bannon – Systems Engineer

Joined 2021

Joe is a fan of strategy games in all their forms, both virtual and physical, and as a consequence he spends much of his time playing and watching eSports. Away from gaming, Joe’s interest in the human experience means he enjoys debate and discussion on a wide range of life’s big questions. Joe likes to keep fit and enjoys cycling.



The Operations function, headed by Laurence Tucker, makes sure Cutter functions smoothly by providing all of the services that underpin the day to day activity of a busy, multi-national technology group. From billing and invoicing to procurement and logistics (and everything in between), the Operations team provides the vital support that enables the technical magic to happen.

Laurence Tucker – Group Operations Manager

Joined 2017

Laurence is Cutter’s facilitator-in-chief, managing the operations activities of the Group. He has a wide portfolio of responsibilities including finance, management information, and providing key support to all areas of Cutter. Laurence enjoys playing tennis, is a keen golfer, and regularly drives the much over-used dad’s taxi.


Paul Doherty – Senior Commercial Administrator

Joined 2011

With an eclectic taste in music (and also being a musician), Paul is a great source of musical education for his colleagues. He enjoys home cooked food accompanied by a nice porter beer or wine. Paul and his wife like to enjoy the great outdoors, taking their collie out for walks – often with a stop off at a pub.