Our Design Philosophy

Our Design Philosophy

Getting the design of any virtualized solution right is absolutely critical. The consequences of getting it wrong can be significant and far reaching – specifically in the areas of performance, reliability and cost. Too many solutions are badly designed because of lack of understanding.

Our design philosophy is to create a solution that meets your needs without any unnecessary complexity and that delivers cost effectiveness. We are able to do this as we are experts in the design of these solutions and fully understand all elements of the technology and how it integrates into the wider IT environment.

There are some key points worth noting about the way in which Cutter works that have a direct beneficial impact on our solutions:

  • Our designs are modelled around customer's actual needs not what we or a vendor wants to sell them. Whilst we maintain key relationships with a range of both tier 1 and specialist vendor we are “vendor agnostic” and will recommend the technologies that are right for customers rather than be beholden to vendor’s sales targets.

  • We understand that one size & shape doesn't fit all. We explore customer specific desires, challenges and requirements to tailor a solution around those needs. We also help customers understand the wider picture of their IT environment and help develop a long term strategy for them.

  • Our relationships are for the long term – we never fit and forget. Customer solutions past and present are always documented and archived so should support or development be needed the door is always open.

  • We have extensive experience in these solutions which means we can offer a consistency of design and approach without sacrificing the needs of the customer. Individual customer solutions share proven cornerstone technologies as a foundation merged with unique customer requirements to create a de-risked design that can evolve with the needs of the business.

  • We build solutions that are manageable and supportable. The sustainability of our solutions is key and we provide bespoke platform monitoring built in to all of our designs. This allows for around the clock reporting of system and environmental issues We also design to allow remote management of the solutions to ensure we can offer the most efficient and timely support for activities such as remote upgrades and bare-metal recovery of solutions.

  • We design with automation as a core principle – this is important to remove human error from repeated tasks ensuring a consistent and predictable configuration.