Why it's worth partnering with Cutter Group?

It can be difficult for technology firms to maintain the expertise in all disciplines that their customers demand and developing specialist expertise in-house can be costly and time consuming. Read more to find how Cutter can bridge the gap.

Day 1 Capability

By partnering with Cutter you eliminate the need to spend time mastering complex technologies and recruiting specialist staff.

Proven Track Record

Our proven track records gives you and you customers confidence in our delivery.

Technical Expertise

As a Cutter partner you get access to some of the world’s best virtualization architects and engineers.

Long Term Partnership

We are looking to partner for the long term enabling a close working relationship and security for you and your customers.

How we do it

As a dedicated virtualization specialist Cutter is often called on to provide this expertise in conjunction with other firms. This has led us to develop a partnering model specifically designed to give other technology firms access to our cutting edge expertise. By working with Cutter you can provide your customers with the very best in design, implementation and support of virtualized computing solutions without the cost, hassle and risk associated with this challenging area of technology.

Read our Partner Proposition document

Cutter will provide

  • Access to market leading technical skills.
  • An immediate virtualization capability.
  • Credibility in the field of virtualization.
  • A “safe pair of hands” with a proven track record.
  • Access to reference sites and case studies.
  • The ability to add value to your existing customer proposition and increase customer loyalty.
  • Additional leverage with you technology partners (we are vendor agnostic, so can work with your preferred vendors or introduce you to new ones).

Partnering with Cutter

Cutter's partner focussed business model is designed to provide a framework of expert support services and access to cutting edge expertise that allows partner businesses to develop a compelling virtualization proposition. By engaging Cutter's proven technical resources in designing and deploying a wide variety of virtualized solutions, partners have an immediate capability to access lucrative virtualization opportunities within their existing client base as well as being able to approach new clients with bespoke solutions.

Cutter Group Vendor Partnerships:

We pride ourselves on our ability to identify vendors who share our commitment to service excellence.

Through our partnership with both tier 1 and specialist technology vendors we offer unparalleled solutions tailored to the needs of each customer.